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Trustive SimWifi

Trustive SimWifi

VenturoSIM introduces a new service Trustive SimWifi that helps travelers to get comprehensive, international WiFi access.


VenturoSIM joined forces with Trustive, a leading international WiFi hotspot Access provider since 2003, in order to bring the ability to connect to more than 300 000 WiFi hotspots around the world. Trustive has the biggest coverage available and continuously adds new locations. The main idea of such collaboration: use your sim card balance to pay for WiFi

access! No credit card details required!


Let’s face it: Internet connection is costly when you are on the move. VenturoSIM offers the alternative solution with attractive prices.


VenturoSIM offers 3 types of Trustive WiFi packages:


SimWifi package                           Dial on your phone                       Price in USD

60 min                                             *146*1060#                                   $8.39

150 min                                           *146*1150#                                   $19.59

600 min                                           *146*1600#                                   $62.99

Airtime is valid for 90 days from the first use.


Each WiFi package can be activated using a mobile phone with VenturoSIM by dialing the combination code listed above and pressing call button. User receives a login and a password as a text message, if there’s enough balance on the SIM. With the received login and password he can access Trustive WiFi on any device, one device at a time, without limitation of traffic.

Customers can check the balance and usage history on, with login and password received by SMS.


Trustive WiFi hotspots are located in public places: airports, bars and restaurants, bus and train stations, camping, convention centres, hotels, gas stations, shopping malls, outdoors city-wide etc.

There are several ways to find Trustive WiFi hotspots.

1. Connected to some WiFi network, always look for Trustive logo or find Trustive in the list of providers.

2. Use WiFi hotspot locator .

3. Use the list of WiFi networks in various countries that work with Trustive (see attachment).