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VenturoSIM launches MMS service!

From now You have the ability to send and receive MMS messages using VenturoSIM SIM card. We are very proud of this achievement and would like to share this success with you.

MMS messages between VenturoSIM SIM cards are FREE of charge. User will be charged the data rate only, no charge will be taken for the MMS itself. For now only users with VenturoSIM SIM cards can exchange MMS messages between one another.

We are currently working on a solution that will enable MMS messages to be sent and received not only by VenturoSIM users, but also by users from other networks. We will let you know once this solution is available.

VenturoSIM users can also send MMS messages to an email address instead of the phone number. The message will come from telephone Please note that the domain name cannot be changed at the moment.

MMS cannot exceed 300 KB in size (normally phones automatically resize them)

MMS settings for mobile device:
Server address
Proxy address port 8080
Best regards,
VenturoSIM Team