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5 MB of Data/GPRS for FREE

5 MB of Data/GPRS for FREE which you can use in the European Union countries and extension until 1 Janaury 2013!


Important notices
• Data is charged in 100 Kb increments.
• You can use 5 MB any time in one GPRS session or in several GPRS sessions within the same network or within different networks of the European Union countries and Turkey.
• As soon as 5 MB are used the session will be closed automatically, the following sessions will be charged in the regular manner.
• For Android phones: after the 5 Mb are used you might need to reload the handset.
• To check if data is switched ON for your SIM please login to your account, choose My account -> GPRS settings. You will see Enabled or Disabled and can change the status.

VenturoSIM GPRS settings reminder
For using GPRS with VenturoSIM you might need to make some changes in your phone settings.
APN (access point name):
User name: number of Your VenturoSIM which looks like “3725ххххххх"
Please, leave the field "Password" blank.

Happy anniversary!
VenturoSIM Team