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VenturoSIM menu

Menu – Address book

You can perform calls directly from the phonebook of your phone, for that your contacts must be kept in the following way:
00 full phone number OK
+ full phone number OK
Important! Full phone number is: country code + city code + phone number
To make a call, go to «VenturoSIM menu» and choose «Address book». Select the desired subscriber and press «Call».

Menu – Call

In the menu of your phone go to “VenturoSIM menu”, choose «Call» and enter the number you want to call to. Dial the phone number in format:
00 full phone number OK
+ full phone number OK
Important! Errors in connection or you fail connecting? Manually change the mobile telecom operator from the menu (menu –settings– operator selection).

Rarely, only in UAE and Saudi Arabia outgoing calls are not made in an automatic mode. In this case you can make calls by sending SMS. After sending SMS with text: *146 * phone number #, to 9146, you can call the necessary number
For example: If you call +3726868000, write SMS with the text *146*003726868000# and send to 9146.
SMS is tariffed in the usual way.

Menu – TravelSMS

In the menu of your phone go to “VenturoSIM menu”:
- choose “Send SMS” and press OK.
- enter the number of the subscriber you want to send a message to.
- enter message you want to send and press OK
- Don’t forget to dial a subscriber’s number in the following format: 00 + code of a country + code of a town + a phone number.
- You will not be able to send SMS messages if in your SIM-card account you’ll have less than $5

Menu – Voicemail

Voicemail is an answering machine that responds to incoming calls when you are unable or do not wish to answer. If on the voicemail will be a new message, you will receive SMS-message.
To listen the messages in the menu VenturoSIM choose "Voicemail". If the caller to you will not leave a message on your voicemail, you will receive a short message about this call with information about phone number, time and date who call to you.

The cost of listening messages Voicemail is equal to the cost of outgoing calls in the host country.