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When will the validation period of the VenturoSIM card and credit finish?
When does the payment start?
Which payment interval is applied?
When will the validation period of the VenturoSIM card and credit finish?
Why is there always a call back when I’m calling to a number I need?
Why do I get the message: connection is not authorized (or something similar) and why I’m not called back when I make a call?
Where (which country) is my number registered?
Why is it impossible to call from Russia?
Does the subscriber that I call see my number?
Are there GPRS and WAP services in he phones with the VenturoSIM cards?
Does VenturoSIM card work in all the mobile phones?
How can I find out whether my phone is blocked out for the Sim card to be inserted into my phone?
How can I save my mobile phone number using VenturoSIM card?
How can I transfer my contacts to my new VenturoSIM card?
How much do the people that will call to my VenturoSIM number have to pay for these calls?
What shall I do if there appeared problems in getting SMS messages?
Why can’t I send an SMS?
If I order a card by Internet will you be able to send it to me to Canada or to any other country, what will be the approximate price for that?
Sometimes I have problems with outgoing calls, calls back don’t work regularly. What is the problem?
Why do I need to register my VenturoSim number on this web site?
How to remove registered Sim number from my web site account?
How to move registered Sim number from my web site account to another one?
If I don’t have money on my account will I be able to go on having free incoming calls?
Can your partner be a man that never did this business before? If yes, what is required for that?
What is the GSM standard?
How can the mobile phones be?
What are the pre-paid services?
What are the post-paid services?