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How to spend less

Simple rules which help You to reduce the expenses for roaming

1. Before going abroad, please, check the roaming rates for those countries which You are going and compare it with VenturoSIM tariffs.
2. Leaving abroad, tell all your friends Your VenturoSIM number.
3. Also, in order to preserve the calls to your home operator number, set the redirect from the existing home operator number to VenturoSIM number.
To one VenturoSIM number You can redirect a few numbers, so when going a couple or more friends and you have just one VenturoSIM card, you can divert all calls from all numbers to VenturoSIM number. This is a standard GSM service. We would like to advice to check your rates of calls to Estonia mobile networks before the establishment of redirection.
4. In many cases it you can request your operator for more favourable rates for calls to mobile networks of Estonia (VenturoSIM number), the forwarding cost is cheaper and you could save even more.
5. Use the “Free SMS” service from our Web site.