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How to add airtime

How to recharge your balance

PIN code through the menu VenturoSIM
You can add airtime on your balance by entering the PIN code from card (PIN code), acquired at the points of sale of your distributor. To recharge, erase the protective layer from card to see the PIN code of 15 digits and follow the menu VenturoSIM.

PIN code through the set with prefix:
To recharge your account, delete the protective layer from card to see the PIN code of 15 digits. Type on your phone «098PIN code # ok» or type «* 146 * 098 PIN code # ok»
The added sum amount is displayed on the screen.
You can buy PIN codes here

Online payment on site:
You can also refill your account airtime in real time at any time and from anywhere via the Internet visiting

Help friend:
The balance of your card can be refill from other number VenturoSIM, which belongs to your friend or relative, via menu VenturoSIM item «Add credit» or via registering on the site