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About VenturoSIM

Roaming that makes happy

VenturoSIM GSM card of mobile communication solves present-day problems of expensive roaming. Compared to services of ordinary mobile operators VenturoSIM users can save up to 90% on mobile international calls.

VenturoSIM card is valid in more then 200 countries of the world. In 135 countries incoming calls are free. Among them there are 24 countries of Europe, countries of CIS (former USSR) and such popular resorts as Turkey, Egypt, Arabian Emirates, Israel and others. Outgoing calls cost from 0,29 USD per a talking minute.

It implies a great economy for people traveling a lot. Contracts signed between manufacturers and all the roaming partners in more than 190 countries give a VenturoSIM user an opportunity to diminish from 30 to 90% expenses for mobile communication depending on its usage and the country. [click here for tariffs]

With a VenturoSIM card you will easily forget a well-known rule saying that roaming is expensive and not available for everybody.

Main advantages of VenturoSIM communication cards:
- saves up to 90% on mobile international calls
- coverage zone in more than 200 countries of the world
- free incoming calls in 135 countries
- in another 46 countries incoming calls cost 0.10-0.35 USD per minute
- outgoing calls cost starting from 0.29 USD per minute
- online credit adding to account
- no subscribing or hidden fees
- free online detailed calls/sms and account history
- card is active during the next 2 years after last balance recharge

You can profit VenturoSIM services as a customer and as a partner as well [to partners].

An activated GSM card with USD10 initial call credit on the account and users instructions are included into a start VenturoSIM package costing USD35. There is no subscribing and connecting fee for VenturoSIM’s user.

Adding the credits to a balance:

Using special functions of VenturoSIM menu (you can find this menu in your mobile phone after having inserted a VenturoSIM card into it) you can add credit to your balance anytime you want by entering PIN code mentioned on a voucher that you have purchased from your distributor.

You can also add credits to your balance online from Internet-site [add credits].

Technical requirements:

This service might be used from any non-blocked GSM mobile phone.

Validation time of VenturoSIM card:

VenturoSIM card will be valid the next 2 years after the latest recharge of the account.

VenturoSIM services:

VenturoSIM is focused on permanent enlargement and optimization of its network all over the world. VenturoSIM support to solve all kinds of problems is available by your mobile phone through VenturoSIM menu and online through your mailbox.

We also supply all the registered VenturoSIM users with free history of calls/sms and account history.